Who We Are

Caddies: Caddie program development initiatives are in place to increase opportunities to caddie as well as improve the pipeline for qualified applicants, including: Caddie Managers. Roundtable meetings were held in Portland and Seattle this spring as well as meetings with select clubs to establish/re-establish caddie programs, and we are also exploring new areas for growth (i.e. British Columbia, California).

Scholars: 49 Scholars currently in school: University of Oregon (10), Oregon State University (21), University of Washington (14), Washington State University (2), and University of Colorado (2). Applications are up from last year, number of Scholars in school for next year budgeted to be over 50.

Leadership: Bill Ashenden continues to serve on the Board of Governors for the Pacific Northwest. WGA staff member Bill Moses relocated to Seattle in January 2012 to serve in the role of Director, West Region. Six new Director nominations have been submitted for 2013 (three in Oregon, three in Washington).

Fundraising: One-day fundraisers, the Evans Cup of Oregon and Evans Cup of Washington, raised a combined $250,000 (the amount raised at the Portland event was the most in its history). Year-end efforts are underway to increase Par Club, Alumni giving, and Match Play contributions. Additional focus has been placed on engaging individuals with potential to make major gifts, many in conjunction with the upcoming announcement of which university the Scholarship House will be established at.